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i made a poem for my cousin vinnie/jades boyfriend today

the scent of your ass wrapped in my underwear,
now that i see you you remind me of party bear,
wearing your pants pulled up to your chest,
my cousin vinnie you are the best,
last time i saw you... you threw plates,
now that youre here you want to mate,
touching and grabbing my ass you see,
looking at my penis while i pee,
asking me to date you in the bowling alley,
i dont know just what to expect,
adrian imagines your penis errect,
he can be your boyfriend not me,
i already have a lover you see,
vinnie youre a heartbreaker and i know that,
you keep cheating on me saying im fat,
the lies. the greed. the ravens. the lust,
for sure i thought in vinnie i could trust
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