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free verse poem 2 da max0rz!

OOOMMMMGGGG! k so lyke, i went to da mall today. i needed to go to hottopic to buy sum punk pinz and sum hair dye. and lyke, i walked past sum preppiez and they laughed at me. why? i know i'm different, but i'm still a good person! so i lyke started to cry, and they made fun of me more. i don get lyfe sumtimez. bt i wrote a peom becuz it seemed scene to write wen ur depressed. [it'z free verse!]

do i look lyke a clown?
then y do u laugh?
i can't help i'm different,
at least i'm not da same.
u think ur so cool,
well i think ur lame!
lyfe is shitty,
but i can cry.
i cannot wait
till you all DIE,
i'll still be depressed tho,
cuz that'z how life goez.
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