Captain Raydawg (raydiedtoday_x3) wrote in scene_lyke_woah,
Captain Raydawg

I pray this place is a joke.

Name: Ray
Age: 15
Location: Oak Grove, Alabama
What's your scene?: I don't have a scene. I go my own way. Ya know, NOT FUCKING FOLLOWING THE CROWD
Fav Bandz/Muzicianz: stuff that is too good for me to type in this vomitous place
What makez u scene lyke woah?: I dont TyPe lYke DiSS. nor do I say HAWWTTZZZ and LYKE fucking WOAH a lot. or h8ters. and I don't know what the hell a prepxcore is or a "pop punx" but whatever. I'm not wasting my time here anymore.

don't accept me, ok?


nuff said. --Raychel

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