Petey///Patrice (fatdeadbarbie) wrote in scene_lyke_woah,

Name: Patrice L. Cross
Age: 16
Location: Flordia is so sexi
What's your scene?: all of them ; )      <- thats a wink face.
Fav Bandz/Muzicianz: Rilo kiley, Tori amos, Jack Johnson, Mirah, Simple plan, goodie goodie gum drops charolotte, terror, vertical cat, mogwai, The killers, Gardent state soundtrack, Elton john, Avril, ashlee simpson, britney spears, backstreet ALL THE WAY, and i make my own music because i play the piano, guitar, and harmonica, oh yes and i love le tigre
What makez u scene lyke woah?: I dont understand that question, whats scene....i think im just Hip, and a coolio person to be with.
At leazt 3 pix of urself...MUZT REP. UR SCENE!!!:

 do you like it...DO YOU?!

 Suck my D*CK cause im like a sex machine.

 I had a japanes exchange student, and in japan they do the peace that makes me japanese.

 I am tribal woman.



you guys said atleast 3 so i thought that meant you take x square of 3 and multiply it by the sqaure root of 8 and add that by 24 and minus 5....

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